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was made for him.He was given to fads l▓ike that.And another thing, th●ough a trif


le.You will notic▓e he uses two green one-cent stamps, ●instead of the red two.He always s▓tamped the letters written on that p


aper w▓ith green stamps. Does th●e message convey any special meaning to y▓ou Miss Wolcott waited a moment before r●eply


ing, as though to gather her sel▓f-control into available form.I wa▓s at one time engaged to be married to Mr.▓Fullerton.I was


very young and ●romantic and--silly.I had not known him ver▓y long.And almost immediately I had to go ea▓st to spend three mont

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hs wit▓h some friends.While I was away I wrote to Mr●.Fullerton,--very silly lette


rs.A▓fter I came back something h



appened that made ▓me change my m

had been m


ind and my feelings towards hi▓m.

a●iled th


I broke the engagement and sent hi

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m back his ▓letters and presents.He refused to be releas●ed or to release me.It wa

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s a very terrible▓ time.He said that if ever ▓I should marry anyone else, ●he wou

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    ld send my love-letters to him to my hus▓band,--and this whether he was alive● or dead. Ah! That explains, yo

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    u think, th▓is phrase I am sure of ▓it. Did the threat make any special▓ impression on yo

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    u at the time I me▓an did it influence your actio●ns at all It made me d●etermine never to

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    think of marrying●.Then, in answer to Lyon's ●look of s

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    urprise, she added, impetuous▓ly, I would rather die than

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    have anyone ●read those letters.I simply co▓uld not thi

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nk of it.No man's love could stand s▓uch a test.To know that his wif●e had said such silly, silly things ▓to another man,--it would be intole▓rable. But no gentleman would read them. ▓ She shrugged her shoulders

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lightly.In a● play, no.But in real life, he would ●be very curious.Or, if he did n

habit of using this paper Ye▓s.It
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